Tenant Improvement

Commercial Tenant Improvement

When a new business or company moves into a building they are leasing, customized alterations to the space might be necessary for their day-to-day operations. Commercial tenant improvement projects like this are negotiated beforehand in the lease between the tenant and building owner.

The most common tenant improvements are made to the ceilings, floors, and inner walls. The business might need to create office spaces from an open floor plan, add specialized lighting, or upgrade the existing technology in the building.

The goal of commercial tenant improvements is to make the space more usable for the business leasing the building. Building Resources Inc. has the capability to make these commercial tenant improvements within the budget and timeline specified by the client.

Residential Tenant Improvement

To improve customer satisfaction of those renting an apartment or home, the building owner can make residential tenant improvements. Two of the most beneficial improvements residential property owners can do are renovating the kitchen and bathrooms. Those projects can increase the quality of the property and allow the owner to lease it for more money in the future. Certain renovations such as replacing windows with a double-paned option can lower energy bills for the tenant as well.

Along with simple renovations, building owners might want to change the layout of the property by creating an extra room or adding a second floor to the house. Building Resources Inc. can handle both renovation and construction tenant improvement projects for residential properties such as single-family and multi-family homes along with apartment complexes.

Most property owners decide on tenant improvement projects themselves instead of creating a leasehold tenant improvement contract like with commercial properties. However, if the owner decides to relinquish control over the interior of the property in the lease, the team at Building Resources Inc. will work with both the landlord and tenant to make the necessary and approved improvements.