Residential And Commercial Disaster Restoration

Fire disaster restorationBuilding Resources Inc provides disaster restoration services in Idaho, Washington and throughout the northwest. We are available 7 days a week to restore damage done to your home or commercial structure such as:

Water Damage
Fire Damage
Disaster, Storm and flood damage
Mold Damage

Water Damage

Water damage impacts the integrity of a building’s foundation if it is not taken care of immediately. The team of restoration experts at Building Resources Inc. will respond immediately to the emergency and remove the water quickly. The first step to tackling water damage is to identify and stop the source of the water. Then BRInc will inspect the water damage and plan of course of action.

By extracting the water before starting the drying process, the disaster restoration timeline will be shortened. This also prevents mold and secondary water damage from occurring down the road. Extracting the water does not mean the walls and floors are dry. These porous materials tend to retain water, which can cause them to warp, swell, break down, or grow mold.

After getting the water extracted and everything dried, the final step is restoring the building back to its original state. This might include replacing drywall, installing new carpet, and more. The team at BRInc is equipped to handle any restoration needs a commercial or residential building might require.

Residential and commercial buildings might acquire water damage through broken pipes, flooding appliances, a leaky roof, and more. Building Resources Inc. deals with water damage in both residential and commercial buildings.

Fire Damage

A fire can be devastating to any residential or commercial building. After emergency services leave, there is still fire and smoke damage to deal with before the business can reopen or the home be inhabitable again. Building Resources Inc can help with the fire damage restoration process.

Fire not only scorches surfaces, but also leaves behind soot and smoke that are damaging to the lungs. The team at BRInc uses specialized equipment and techniques to remove smoke and soot from every surface of the building such as ceilings, walls and more.

The next step in the process is cleaning the structure and salvageable items to remove the odor left by smoke. Finally, BRInc will restore the parts of the home or business that were damaged in the fire. They understand how fire can displace families and businesses and will work quickly to get everything back to normal.

Disaster, Storm, and Flood Damage

Natural disasters, storms and flooding can occur without warning. When disasters occur, count on the experts at Building Resources Inc. They are trained to handle any type of disaster restoration; water, fire, or other type of damage sustained by these events in both a commercial and residential capacity. Broken fences and windows, flooded basements, and more can be restored back to their original state.

Mold Damage

Mold can spread quickly through homes and businesses damaging walls, ceilings, and floors. Certain types of mold can also cause illness and health concerns. With specialized equipment and proven mold removal techniques, the team at BRInc can eliminate the mold and help to prevent it from returning in the future.

Mold is often caused by water damage in a home or business. After locating the mold, BRInc will need to determine the cause of its growth and clean up any water damage before tackling the mold. If not, the mold will simply come back later.

Once the mold is gone, BRInc can focus on restoring the walls, floors or ceiling that were affected. They work quickly and efficiently to get the business back up and running or the home livable once again.


“We recently had a water loss at our home. I called BRInc. They arrived and professionally  assessed the situation, provided an estimate, and completed the job, all the while being professional, genuine, and kind. I felt safe with strangers in my home and would recommend them to anyone who has had problems with a fire, flood, or mold.”
~Cathy Condon