Rehab Construction

Rehab Construction

Apartment Rehab ConstructionRehab construction preserves the character-defining features of a building while bringing it up to a preferable manner of living. This type of construction is beneficial for many types of properties such as multi-family residences, retail buildings, and office space.

Buildings with historical or special features are good candidates for rehab construction. It allows for those features to remain in the spotlight, while improving the rest of the building so it is usable and more attractive.

Building Resources Inc. works with the client from the beginning of the project until the project is completed to their satisfaction. From planning and ensuring the proper permits are in place to making creative suggestions, the Building Resources Inc construction team guides the property owner through the process.


multi-family-renovationsFor building owners looking to improve the usefulness and condition of a building, without worrying about changing the building’s characteristics, Building Resources Inc. can renovate the space. Renovations can include repairing, altering, and adding to a property to accomplish this.

Multi-family building

s are regularly in need of renovation due to the steady flow of tenants. Improvements to a multi-family or apartment building attract a higher quality of tenants and allow for the management to increase rent.

Often, renovating a building deals with restoring parts that might have been damaged by water, fire, wind or mold. The team at Building Resources Inc is equipped to handle the clean-up and construction process to restore the building to its full potential.

Tenant Improvement

In commercial settings, when a new lease is formed, as part of that agreement the building owner makes customized alterations to the rental space as needed for the tenant. This can be anything from the walls, floors, ceilings, lighting and more.

Different tenants will need the building altered to fit different purposes whether it be a retail space, office setting, or something else. Building Resources Inc. can make these alterations a reality within the budget set forth by the building owner, and the specifications of the tenant needs.