Asset Repositioning

Asset Repositioning

Larger, older commercial buildings might be struggling to compete with newer, more efficient buildings, rapidly changing technology, and shifting urban demographics. These conditions might force building owners to reposition their building. This can add significant value to their bottom line and allow it to compete with the newer buildings around it.

To remain viable and fully occupied, buildings need to present a mix of amenities in order to meet changing needs. This could mean significant restructuring of a building’s programming, including reconfiguration of key physical aspects.

BRInc has extensive experience in commercial building renovation and rebranding through modernization, adaptation, and revitalization. We know that to lure the largest pool of prospective tenants to a building, the building must have a flexible technology infrastructure for mixed-use.

Successful repositioning requires determining which tenants to target through a demographic analysis and looking at market competition. BRInc can help determine which tenants will be most attainable for a certain building, and create a strategy.

Repositioning can be done in many different ways, depending on what needs to change for the building to have a new use, or just a better look. BRInc can assist with any repositioning renovations such as:

Interior Upgrades




New rooms

Exterior Upgrades


Exterior painting



Mechanical systems

Electrical systems

Data infrastructure

Unlock a building’s value or rethink its potential with the help of BRInc and a smart repositioning strategy. We can help you reposition these assets to realize their increase public perception and desirability.