June 8, 2016 Newsletter

Best Small Trees for Landscaping


Bare yards can be a little boring. Spruce them up with some trees. For homeowners who don’t want huge trees to grow and block their view, here are some smaller options that will bring color and life to the yard:

  • Crabapple

This tree produces fruit and has gorgeous colors that vary depending on the variety. The flowers can be white, pink or red with orange, gold, red, or burgundy fruit. They are reasonably disease resistant, but might not be the best choice for someone who doesn’t want to deal with fruit.

  • Redbud

This tree is easy to grow and has heart-shaped leaves. In the spring its pink or white flowers come out of hiding. It can thrive in both sun or partial shade, true to its easy going nature.

  • Flowering Dogwood

Native to the area, dogwoods have a gorgeous display of pink or white flowers in the spring. This beautiful tree has inspired entire festivals devoted to its namesake. It does well in partial shade and can grow to 25 feet tall and wide.

  • Japanese Maple

The Japanese Maples hit their prime in fall when their foliage turns bright red before shedding its leaves. It is also a great shade tree if homeowners are in need of one. Although it lacks flowers, its leaves more than make up for it.

  • Golden Rain Tree

With clusters of yellow flowers, this tree will add color to the yard in mid to late summer. Its foliage is pink, then green, and finally golden-yellow. It also tolerates heat, drought, and air pollution, making it fairly hardy.

Trees can be a great way to add some color and liveliness to a yard, especially for homeowners looking to sell their home. For help getting the inside ready for potential buyers, contact Building Resources Inc. Their experts can remodel the home to make it inviting and updated before it hits the market.



Making a Small Space Look Larger


The wrong colors in a small space can be overwhelming and make a small space appear even more cramped, but this doesn’t have to be the case. With some tips and tricks, you can redesign a small space to appear larger especially with the help of some colorful accents.

Colorful Windows

The obvious go-to is colorful window treatments, but these can create the opposite effect making the room feel smaller. Leave the window treatments off and give the window frames a pop of color instead. It also helps draw the eye to the window, making the space look larger.

Bold Piece

Choose a large, bold piece of artwork with no more than three colors to hang on the wall. It can make the wall look larger than it is as long as the rest of the wall is kept neutral and kept in the same color palette. Avoid choosing a pattern that is too busy, or it can overwhelm the eye.

Tall Plants

Tall plants draw the eye upward, adding the illusion of height in a room. Can’t find a plant tall enough? Add some colorful pieces on the wall above it to continue drawing the eye up toward the ceiling.

Exposed Shelves

Closed-off cupboards can make a small kitchen feel even smaller. Install open shelving or open cabinets to show off dishes and make the room feel more open. It can be a great way to display a colorful coffee cup collection.

Sometimes tricks to make a room feel larger or more open just don’t cut it. If that’s the case, contact Building Resources Inc. They can build an addition on a house, whether it be in the kitchen, adding an extra bedroom, or a complete remodel.



Improving Commercial Curb Appeal


The inside of a storefront is important but the outside is just as important, if not more. The exterior creates the first impression of the business and impacts the potential customers decision to enter the store or not on. Here are some steps to improve a storefront’s curb appeal:

1. Visible Exterior Signage

Signage needs to visible from the street, parking lot, and sidewalk. This way it gets viewed by as many people as possible. If the sign is looking worn and faded, it needs to be replaced. Ragged signs can create a negative impression of the business.

2. Creative Window Displays

Window displays catch the eye of people walking by and should convince them to come in. Storefronts without large windows for display should contact Building Resources Inc. to renovate the storefront. Large display windows can be added or old windows can be replaced.

3. Exterior

Is the outside of the building looking worn or faded? Building Resources Inc. can renovate the building exterior to make it look like new again.

Whether in need of an interior or exterior storefront renovation, building owners should call Building Resources Inc. They work with clients to create the perfect space, within company time constraints and budget concerns.


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