February 4, 2016 Newsletter


February 4, 2016 Newsletter



Renovating a Basement Space


In many homes, the basement is an underutilized space. For homes with basements, this room actually accounts for about one third of the entire home’s space. That’s a lot of space going unused, or only being utilized for storage. To get more value from this space, a remodel might be necessary. Here are some benefits of a basement remodel:

  • No need to excavate for new footage, unlike room additions
  • Utilities are generally close, which reduces the cost
  • Basements don’t requirement too much energy to heat and cool
  • Usually already great access points with stairs, unlike attics


When renovating a basement space, there are some things to keep in mind:

Limited Lighting

Basements are generally, dark, damp and don’t have as many natural lighting options. Lighting will be a priority when renovating so the space can be used comfortably for a variety of activities. Dropped or suspended ceilings can easily accommodate many types of lighting including can, track and other fixtures.

Ducts and Beams

The ductwork in basements can be an eyesore. There are three ways to deal with these:

  • Disguise them by painting them the same colors as the rest of the ceiling and walls
  • Box them in with wooden enclosures and drywall
  • Make them part of the décor by painting them fun colors and just working with them


Drain Lines

For installing bathrooms, laundry rooms, or small kitchens in the basement, drain lines can be a challenge. However, there are several ways to drain sewage waste and waste water upwards to existing drain lines. Building Resources Inc. can discuss the different options for this with homeowners to determine which will work best in each situation.

Following Codes

Depending on what the basement will be used for, like extra bedrooms, kitchens, home theaters, and so on, certain codes will have to be followed and there are permits to obtain. Codes include smoke and CO detectors, GFI receptacles, minimum room sizes, windows, etc.

Homeowners wanting to fully utilize their basement should contact Building Resources Inc. about a renovation. The contractors at Building Resources Inc. can turn the basement into a functional area whether it be a kitchen, game room, or an extra bedroom.



How Office Paint Colors can Affect Emotions


It’s long been discovered that colors can influence people’s emotions. Along with that, they can create the mood in a room and even impact productivity. Which colors promote productivity and which hinder it? Read on to find out.

In a study done by the University of Texas, it was found that men and women react differently to some colors. Women feel sadness in offices that are white, beige, and bland grey. However, men felt gloomy and sad in purple and orange workspaces.

A common ground for both men and women to feel productive are colors such as restful green and calming blue. These improve efficiency and focus, while giving off an overall sense of wellbeing.

Here are the effects other colors have in an office-setting:

  • Red: This color increases the heart rate and blood flow when seen. It’s also associated with passion, and can be seen as intense or alarming. It might not be the best color to paint an entire office, but if there’s something employers want to draw employees’ eyes to, make it red.
  • Yellow: This energetic color that brings optimism and innovation is great for offices that house artists, writers, designers, and where creative work is being done.


If the office has a reception area for clients and guests to wait, it needs to create a positive and favorable impression. This can be done by painting the area in a peach or soft yellow. For areas where decisions are made, such as a meeting room, a soft blue-green is recommended because it promotes calmness and restfulness.

Certain types of business should stick to certain color palates as well:

  • Salons should be pink or coral to bring a feeling of indulgence and pampering
  • Health-based offices such as the dentist or doctor should choose green or blue to put patients at ease


Building Resources Inc. can help businesses make sure their look reflects the right emotions through wall color, as well as layout and design. For office remodels, Building Resources Inc. is the way to go.



Electrical Projects – Not The Time To DIY


When remodeling, there are usually some electrical components. Many homeowners will try to tackle these themselves, but that can be a dangerous task. When handling electricity and wires, there’s always a chance of electrocution if not handled properly. Here are some electrical projects homeowners should never try to tackle themselves:

  • Adding Outlets or Converting to GFCI


When adding extra outlets, something almost every homeowner wishes they could do, it involves interacting with wiring. Touching wiring can be dangerous itself, and homeowners could damage the home’s electrical system altogether if something goes wrong. The same goes with converting an outlet to a GFCI. These conversions can be very complicated, and should only be done by professional electricians. Now, homes are required by electrical code to have at least one GFCI outlet in the bathroom and kitchen. Many older homes don’t have this, which means homeowners need to upgrade these outlets. Instead of doing it themselves, they should contact Building Resources Inc.

  • Installing or Replacing Lighting


This project’s biggest hazard is electrocution. Especially when installing outdoor lighting that might come into contact with water. Another risk is falling from a ladder. Since lighting is often in hard-to-reach, high places, climbing a ladder while holding and installing lighting elements can be risky. It’s best to let the professional electricians install new lighting fixtures.

  • Circuit Breaker Upgrades


The electrical panel controls and provides electricity to the entire home. If this is disrupted while a homeowner is trying to upgrade the electrical service panels to certain appliances or rooms, it could ruin the panel, leaving the house without electricity. The circuit breaker panel can be extremely complicated to add or upgrade, and should be left to an electrician.

Building Resources Inc. can handle all electrical needs, from major renovation projects to simply adding another electrical socket in the kitchen. If there’s a chance electrocution could occur, it’s best to call the electricians at Building Resources Inc.


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