August 10, 2015 Newsletter


August 10, 2015 Newsletter

When is it Time to Renovate?


Residential and commercial renovations are major undertakings. Renovations are significant ventures both in time and financial resources. They also take a lot of planning to make sure everything goes smoothly. Considering the effort involved, are renovations worth the investment for the home or business owner?

There several reasons why property renovation should be considered:

  1. Increasing the Resale Value – Any improvements to a property, no matter how large or small, should increase the resale value. Consideration must be give though to the cost of the renovation vs. the increase in value.
  2. The Property Needs to Be Used for Another Purpose – Over time, the purpose for using a home or business may change. A business might decide to purchase an existing structure only to re-purpose it for something else. A tenant in a commercial space could choose to work with their landlord to redesign the space. A homeowner might want to rent out the upstairs after their children are grown up or turn the garage into a work space.
  3. Repairs Need to be Made – If the sewer system or electrical wiring isn’t working properly, it’s time to renovate and upgrade equipment, including appliances that are old or not functioning as well as they should.
  4. Renovating for Eco-Friendliness – Renovation might be needed in order to improve the impact of the home or business on the environment. Many older structures are not equipped with energy-saving devices and were built with materials that contain hazardous substances like lead-based paint. Often renovations can save money by cutting heating and electricity costs while reducing the structure’s environmental impact.
  5. Avoid Relocation Expenses – Renovating is an option when purchasing another home or business is not practical. Relocation has its own set of expenses and it might not be in the best interest of the home or business owner to buy another structure. Market fluctuations can also impact the decision to sell and relocate.


Preventing Vandalism


Being the victim of vandalism is an upsetting and traumatic experience. There is always the sense that one has been violated. Vandalism, the willful destruction of property, is a crime that carries stiff penalties in the form of fines or imprisonment. It is classified as either a felony or misdemeanor depending on state laws and the value of the property damage that was done.

Vandalism can take many different forms. It includes everything from graffiti to smashing windows, cutting down trees without permission and salting lawns. Ransacking a home and throwing eggs are also examples of property destruction. Repairs as the result of vandalism can be expensive and are not always covered by homeowner’s insurance.

For business and homeowners alike, there are several ways to deter vandals before they strike:

  • Get to Know the Neighbors – By becoming more familiar with neighbors, it’ll be easier to recognize those who are out of place. This can be done informally or through the local homeowner’s association. Many communities also organize neighborhood watches to deter and prevent crime.
  • Report Suspicious Activity – Report any suspicious activity in the area to local police. Alert neighbors of individuals who appear to be out of place.
  • Keep Valuables Locked Up – Remember that anything outside and not secured is a potential target for vandals and thieves. This includes bicycles, vehicles, and items left around the yard including toys and landscaping equipment. Be sure these items are kept locked up and out of sight when not in use.
  • Safety Checks – It never hurts to inspect a property for potential security weaknesses. Check for places that vandals might easily hide including overgrown shrubs and vegetation and places with low lighting. Consider installing motion-activated lights to discourage criminals and reduce the use of electricity. A local law enforcement agent can help make other suggestions for improving security.


The restoration experts of BRInc are available to help the victims of vandalism. Our professionals will repair any damages and restore the property to its original state.


New Decorating Trends for Business Offices


One of the reasons a business owner might consider renovating his or her office space is to create a more positive atmosphere and increase the productivity of their employees. The office environment can either positively or negatively impact employee satisfaction.

For example, a dark office with few or no windows can create a sense of being closed off to the outside. Conference rooms or offices with walls that can be written on with markers might encourage more creativity. Walls painted with bright colors can help improve moods and create a fun atmosphere. Cubicles or desks that are next to each other tend to promote collaboration.

New decorating trends for business offices are demonstrating the need for office designs that enhance functionality and teamwork. First of all, how people perform their work is one of the most significant forces behind office design. A salesperson does different work than an engineer. New office designs are built around the person instead of a one-size-fits all configuration.

Teamwork is also important in new office designs. Private offices are being used less and less. In their place, private enclaves for meetings are becoming more common with team members having smaller workstations. Some companies encourage collaboration and creativity with amenities like coffee bars and treehouses for meetings.

At the same time, spaces where employees can have some privacy are also desired. This might include a breakroom or patio where employees can eat their meals or make private phone calls. With more and more employees working away from the office for a variety of reasons, there is a move towards the creation of touchdown spaces. This involves the use of offices or desks for employees that come in only occasionally to check email or make phone calls.

Overall, the function, desired atmosphere, and personal preferences all go into the choice of office design. The professionals of BRInc can help business owners redesign and renovate their offices to create the ideal work space.


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