Windows: Replace or Repair?

Windows that are letting in a draft could be increasing the energy bill. Repairing them could be the answer to that problem, but if they require too much maintenance, it might be time to replace them. When considering repairing or replacing, keep these things in mind:

  1. Maintenance
  • Ease of operation: If they are hard to lift or slide when opening, newer windows might be a good solution.
  • Condensation: If the glass collects condensation regularly, they probably need replaced.
  • Cleaning: If cleaning the windows is difficult, consider getting newer ones that are designed to making cleaning easier.
  1. Comfort

Single-pane windows are not the best for insulating a home. They let the cold and warm air in easier than double-pane windows. If homeowners have single-pane windows, they should consider replacing them with a double-pane option. They home will be more comfortable and their energy bill will probably decrease.

  1. Repairing

If homeowners would rather repair their windows, they need to look at these factors to see if that’s the best option.

  • Rot: If the windows are starting to rot, it’s basically impossible to stop it from happening. It’s easier to just replace them.
  • Fogged double-panes: If there is fogging between the two panes, it can’t be fixed.
  • Replacement hardware: Some hardware is hard to find even online. At this point it might be best to consider replacing the windows.

The amount of air windows let in affects the heating and cooling system of a home. If the windows are old, rotting, and drafty, trying to fix them might not be the best option. Consider replacing them to reduce the amount of maintenance they require and help out the energy bill. Building Resources Inc. can replace windows in residential and commercial buildings in the Treasure Valley area.