Storefront Renovations

Renovating a storefront can breathe new life into a business and attract new customers. People are visual creatures, so if the storefront is looking a little drab, maybe even slightly rundown, it might be time to call Building Resources Inc. for a renovation.

When planning for a renovation, focus on these aspects:

  1. Display Windows

Consider putting in display windows or if they’re already present, increasing their size. Attractively displaying goods in windows is a great way to intrigue potential customers and draw them in. Use display windows to feature sale items or new arrivals. They can also be decorated for holidays and special events.

  1. Awnings

Many shops use bright, colorful awnings to display their names and to attract people’s attention. Along with catching the eye of the crowd, they are useful for creating shade. The shade an awning creates could even help lower cooling bills during summer.

  1. Theme

Some storefronts go all out and create a theme. It can be incorporated into the window design, doorway design, awning, or outdoor sitting area. Depending on zoning codes, this could be an option when remodeling.

  1. Doors

Doors can also be used to show the personality of the store. Bright, colorful doors give off an exciting and playful aura, which can make people want to come inside. Heavier, wooden doors give off a more serious vibe. Glass doors are simple and let people see more of the store.

  1. Lighting

While inside lighting is important, outdoor lighting also needs to be addressed. Outdoor lighting can provide many functions such as letting the address and name be visible, keeping away potential vandals, and spotlighting the displays from the outside.

Whether it is a complete remodel inside and out, or just a facelift, Building Resources Inc. can get the job done. The Building Resources Inc. team works to minimize downtime and stays within the owner’s budget to create the renovation of their dreams.