Office Renovation Mistakes

Office renovations can be a great way to improve morale, increase productivity, and bring in new employees. However, many businesses starting a renovation won’t finish on time or within their budget. This can be due to many factors, but often it’s caused by these three mistakes:

  1. DIY Renovations

In an effort to reduce costs, building owners will try to manage the office renovations internally. This means they will hire individual people to do work such as a project manager, architect, trades, general contractor, etc. This can cause chaos and conflict, cause deadlines to go by and projects to go unfinished. With Building Resources Inc. building owners are getting the whole package. Their team will manage the renovation, with no inconvenience to the building owner.

  1. Not Evaluating Cost Saving Options

Staying within the budget doesn’t have to be difficult. Owners should consider many options when looking to save money on renovations. One of the first ways to do this is to look at the structure of the building to see if it can remain basically unchanged. If so, that’s a huge project that doesn’t need to be done. They should also consider a plan for optimal space utilization.

  1. Not Having a Plan

Office building owners who are planning a renovation should be aware of possible complications and have a plan to deal with them, especially from a timeline standpoint. If a simple project turns out to be more difficult renovation because water damage or structural damage is uncovered, they need to be able to deal with a little extra time being taken for that project. With Building Resources Inc., the owners can go over a projected timeline and budget, which Building Resources Inc. will stay within.

Building Resources Inc. understands the logistics of opening dates, third party vendors and scheduling when renovating office buildings or any other commercial building. Contact Building Resources Inc. when renovations are needed for multi-family buildings, office spaces, and more.