Deciding on a Home Addition

Many homeowners choose to add on to their existing house instead of packing up and moving to a larger one. Finding a new home can be time-consuming and packing is usually an annoyance. However, adding on a room can have downfalls as well. Before deciding to add on or expand, homeowners should ask themselves a few questions.

How much will the expansion cost?

The cost of the addition will depend on the type of room, the size of the addition, and where the homeowners live. Redbeacon estimates that a ground level home addition typically costs an average of $32,614 in the U.S. A second story addition costs about $45,802 on average because it requires raising or rebuilding the roof. Building Resources Inc. can give the homeowners a good estimate of how much the expansion project will cost for their home.

Can the cost be brought down?

When a room is added within the existing footprint of the house, it can save homeowners a lot of money. Those who choose to add a room in the basement instead of adding on can save 25 to 50% percent while still gaining significant floor space.

Another way to bring down the cost is to build a detached addition. These usually average $22,814. Some people decide to add a detached addition for an office or recreation area because it isn’t completely necessary for this type of space to be attached to the home. Additions of this nature are growing in popularity.

Will it be inconvenient?

Home additions will be noisy and possibly an inconvenience. This is especially true if it is a kitchen addition. The kitchen is likely to be unusable for at least a portion of the time during the construction so the family will have to prepare for that eventuality. However, Building Resources Inc. knows this can be challenging and tries to complete the construction as efficiently as possible with as little inconvenience as possible.

After answering these questions, homeowners will have a better idea if an addition is feasible and worth the possible inconvenience. For more information and a project estimate, contact Building Resources Inc.