Commercial Renovations to Increase Productivity

For business and property owners, making the decision to renovate a commercial space is not easy. Renovation requires a significant investment of resources, and it usually creates downtime and inconveniences for employees. Renovations can sometimes even lead to missed opportunities to bring in more revenue.

On the other hand, renovating an office space to make it more pleasant for employees can actually lead to higher rates of productivity, better morale, and increased profitability. Recent studies have shown that about 90% of workers say that the office environment, its layout and design, directly affects their productivity. Thirty percent of employees said that they are ashamed to bring clients to their offices.

Consequently, there are many ways owners can renovate their spaces in order to increase productivity and create a more pleasing work environment. Here are some techniques to consider to boost productivity when renovating a work space:

  • Cultivate Collaboration with Open Offices – More and more businesses are moving away from private offices and cubicles and replacing them with an open office format. Open offices group workers together to encourage teamwork, ease communication, and promote the flow of spontaneous ideas. Renovation that improves collaboration also involves an adequate number of meeting spaces and the placement of shared equipment like fax machines and photocopiers where they can be easily accessed by everyone.
  • Private Spaces –The increasing number of businesses turning to open offices doesn’t mean that employees no longer value their privacy. Workers still prefer to have spaces in which they can make private calls and have some alone time during the day. Sometimes employees might need space without a lot of talking and distractions in order to get their work done. Creating private rooms through renovation can help to meet this need.
  • Natural Light – Numerous studies have shown that employees who are exposed to natural light in the workplace spend 15% more time on task than those who are not. Moreover, natural light helps to improve the health and well-being of employees. Renovating to include more windows and skylights can help to bring in more natural light. Creating an open office environment will also help. If this isn’t an option, using large windows in just one room, like the cafeteria, is another effective method.
  • Eco-Friendly Upgrades – Working in an environment that is eco-friendly helps to boost employee morale as well as productivity. Many green practices also improve the health of employees, and it gives them a certain pride in the company. Eco-friendly renovation ideas include the installation of energy-efficient windows, appliances, and fixtures, using sustainable materials for construction, and installing heating and cooling systems that use alternative types of energy.
  • Colors – Studies have found that neutral colors lend themselves best to employee productivity. Repainting the office walls with greys, whites, and other subdued colors can help to create relaxed, open environments.
  • Nature – Bringing nature inside the office can help increase employee productivity. One of the ways this can be accomplished through renovation is the addition of hangers and shelves for potted plants. Some well-placed plants can even help to reduce noise levels which also improves employee productivity.

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